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# 170 – *Whisper* Controlling Panic Attacks

Hey guys 🙂 In this video, we will go over a few steps to help you control the panic attacks you may be experiencing. Panic attacks can be defined as the physical manifestation of anxiety, and controlling any future attacks lay in understanding the fearful response that our body gives to certain triggers. We will […] Read more

Cat has a panic attack when his string is taken.

This is one of our kitties, Michael… He likes string so much we call it “kitty crack”… you will see why… Recorded with an old Sony DCR-TRV9. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Read more

Facing Panic Attacks | Anxiety Natural Remedies Facing Panic Attacks What causes panic attacks? Panic attacks are caused by many physical, mental and emotional triggers. Sometimes genetics are involved and this may surprise you — but did you know that even certain allergies and food types can trigger anxiety and panic attacks? There are also a few medications Read more

Panic Attacks.

Me talking about panic attacks basically! A discussion (rant) about my experiences and how I cope with mental illness. In my life, I’ve been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I no longer suffer from BDD or panic attacks, but I still have constant obsessive thoughts, Read more
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How to Stop Panic Attacks

www.STOPTHEPANICNOW.INFO Are you dominated by anxiety related conditions? First off, you are not alone. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks my entire life until I found Panic Away. It changed my life. Just the thought of not having to take medication was enough for me to fork over the money and give this a […] Read more

Panic Attacks ~ Stress Relief Anxiety Relief Music… Mind Tricks ?

iTunes~ Amazon MP3~ I hope this helps anyone who is under stress or feels anxiety… Music by HarrysCupboard © Video Rating: 4 / 5 My personal journey through anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Read more

Help for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Click Here to Visit: if you would like to purchase a copy of this book! This is a special video I wanted to make so that I could share my experience with this adversity, & also help shed some light for those who seek it. I suffered from severe anxiety & panic back in […] Read more

PANIC ATTACK! – Heavy Rain is AWESOME! – Part 15

NEXT PART: PLAYLIST: FACEBOOKS TWITTERS LIVE SHOWS: This is the story of a horrible father, an FBI agent, a private detective, and a hell of a lot of rain. We’re going to catch that origami killer if we have to kill our own son to do it! Video Rating: 4 […] Read more

#148 – *Whisper* Panic Attack Relaxation

Hey guys 🙂 This video is a response to requests for a relaxation session that is designed to help you deal with panic attacks. I added a bit of panning for a more personal touch. Panning is editing the audio, so that the sound seems to be moving from left to right channels, hoping to […] Read more

Panic Attack Symptoms and Solution People experiencing panic attacks may fear they are dying or that they are suffocating. They may have chest pain or believe that they are having other symptoms of a heart attack. They may voice fears that they are “going crazy” and seek to remove themselves from whatever situation they may be in. Some people […] Read more