The Amygdala – the cause of all your anxiety. The Amygdala, (or Amygdalae, a pair of small organs in the brain), store and perpetuates the anxiety response and anxiety disorders. By reprogramming the Amygdala, The Linden Method permanently removes the inappropriate anxiety that causes anxiety disorders, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD and other anxiety conditions. The UK NHS, government bodies, doctors and psychologists use, endorse and refer clients from around the world to The Linden Method. The Linden Method has been used by over 110000 people with a 96% success rate. http

Hey… totally different. I just thought that somewhere out there, someone might need this. If you have anxiety attacks often, it’s extra helpful if you make your own recording. Hearing your own voice being calm helps calm you down better than anything I’ve tried (okay, cept a couple of calm pills). I’d love to hear what you guys think… I lost the audio file to this shortly after making the film. But feel free to rip it however you please for personal use of the audio.
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