Recovery from Alcohol Addiction – Cathy’s Story – Addiction Treatment – Ambrosia Treatment Center

Visit Ambrosia Treatment Center website for further information. or call 866-577-6868 I came to Ambrosia Treatment Center because I was feeling depressed and I started drinking more wine then I should have been and it was starting to cause consequences in my life such has a DUI. I decide that I really wanted to get well and not drink wine to cope anymore. The first day was wonderful the stuff was curious they did a great job orienting me to the Ambrosia Treatment Center facility in Singer Island, West Palm Beach, Florida. They made me feel very welcomed here. Dottie is my therapist and the entire staff, Sal Raichbach, the psychologist, doctor William Romanos, the physiatrist and all of the therapists and technicians made me feel quite welcome and comfortable. The entire staff impacted me. We have women’s groups here Dottie and Sam conduct the women’s groups. Ryan conducts other therapy sessions as well as Sal Raichbach and of course Dottie conducts them. All of the therapists are wonderful. All the clients here are going through similar experiences and it’s just a very supportive atmosphere to recovery and getting well. The stay has been wonderful. I am as conformable as I possible could be way from home. I’m at the Ambrosia Treatment Center, Singer Island, West Palm Beach, Florida location of course. The views are picture perfect from the intercostals water way and just being on the dock. Being able to do the recovery work, paperwork, and
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